Fun Indoor Activities To Do During Winter - January 25, 2018

Some days the weather is just too poor to do anything but stay at home. If the snow is piling up, the rain is beating down in sheets, or the temperature drops below freezing and shows no sign of stopping, try one of these stay-at-home indoor activities. They're sure to keep you warm, cozy, and occupied when the weather outside is frightful.


  • Use the down time to catch up on sending emails, post on Facebook, or balance the checkbook.
  • Catch up on your “must read” list.
  • Enjoy your favorite hobby such as knitting, origami, quilting, drawing, painting, or making creative fishing lures.
  • Play a few games of Solitaire.
  • Watch a good movie or mini-series or find vintage films and music on YouTube.
  • Prepare a gourmet meal and enjoy a glass of wine.


  • Board games, cards, dominoes, and hangman keep kids busy and entertained.
  • Activity books, coloring books, crayons, sketch pads, and building blocks allow kids to exercise their creativity in a constructive way.
  • Digital readers are a kid’s friend.


  • Bake refrigerated cookies, packaged brownies, or rice crispy treats.
  • Make popcorn, put in a good movie, and watch together.
  • Read a classic book aloud; choose something with excitement and adventure to spark the imagination.
  • Play a game of age-related charades.
  • Card games like UNO and board games such as Monopoly and Chinese checkers are a great way to while away rainy days.
  • Put together a 500 piece picture puzzle.

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