Hosting the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt - March 27, 2018

While there are plenty of community Easter Egg Hunts happening around Dayton and Beavercreek, there's something special about setting one up exclusively for your family. Whether you're setting one up for your kids, nieces, and nephews or your grandkids, here's how to make it perfect.

Find the Perfect Location

An Easter Egg Hunt is only as good as the venue. Finding Easter Eggs should be manageable for the age group you're targeting, but should present a bit of a challenge. Your options boil down to a few spots: someone's yard, a local park, or even someone's house.

If you're going with an outdoor option, someone's yard provides the promise of exclusivity, whereas a local park runs the risk that someone from outside your party may displace some of your carefully hidden eggs. That said, a local park may be a better choice due to the size and landscaping, which makes a hunt more challenging. Then again, if you or someone you know has a good yard, that's probably a better option.

You can also go with the more unconventional interior hunt. A house can have some good hiding spots, but this is probably only a good option if you're handling a hunt for only a few kids at most in a relatively large house. Otherwise, you'll run out of good hiding spots too soon and the hunt won't last long.

Make Custom Eggs

This is a fun activity to get the kids involved with. Set up an egg decorating station so that your Easter Egg Hunt has a personal touch from all those involved. It makes things more special than simply buying plastic eggs from the store.

Make It a Picnic

Regardless of where you set the Easter Egg Hunt, you can make the event a family picnic or BBQ. This will be slightly easier to pull off if you're at someone's home, but is also perfectly manageable at a local park with some basic preparation. You can have the meal before or after the Easter Egg Hunt.

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