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Hyundai Santa Fe Lands Safest Midsize SUV Title - January 11, 2018

A new list of vehicles recognized for offering the highest levels of crash protection was released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a nonprofit financed by the insurance industry. Sixty-two 2018 model year cars earned top ratings in the most recent annual evaluations aimed to help consumers more easily identify the safest vehicles.

Fifteen vehicles qualified for the Top Safety Pick + award, the institute’s highest designation that recognizes models that offer an advanced level of safety and a further 47 earned the basic award. Among the fifteen that received a Top Safety Pick + award were both the 2018…

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Hyundai to Adopt AI Assistants in 2019 - January 2, 2018

Vehicles made by Korean carmaker Hyundai will include built-in AI virtual assistants beginning in 2019. The plan to build smart assistants into vehicles will make use of tech created by SoundHound, the music identification company that has recently been focusing more on building AI agent software more akin to things like Siri and Google Assistant.

The Intelligent Personal Agent builds on Hyundai Blue Link with the new Car-to-Home service, allowing drivers to control their household appliances with voice commands, even when they aren't home.

The assistants would be able to do things like suggest destinations based on what’s…

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Why Choose Hyundai? - January 17, 2017

When it's time for a new vehicle, the first decision you have to make is which brand you want. If you are still on the fence between Hyundai and another brand, you'll need to compare warranties, values, available options and hybrid specs if you are considering a hybrid model. Stop by Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek to test drive one or three models to help you make your decision.


Hyundai has an industry-first 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty, which started in 1998 and still continues today. The warranty covers the powertrain. Plus Hyundai gives you 5-year, 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper…

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Start Your Hyundai With Your Smart Watch

When you purchase select Hyundai models at Superior Hyundai Beavercreek, you may be able to start your car with Android Wear. Hyundai updated its Blue Link Android app so that it allows you to remotely start, lock and unlock cars from your smart watch.

The app will also let you stop the engine, call for roadside assistance, honk the horn, flash the lights and find your parked car when you lose it in the sea of vehicles at the mall. The commands are also voice activated. Just tap on the mic icon and tell your vehicle what to do.


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The Hyundai Connected Car Project

If you love the technology available in vehicles now but think it could use improvements such as faster data transfers and more storage space, it won't be long for that wish to come true; and you'll be able to pick up a super-connected vehicle from Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek. The innovations that Hyundai are working on will keep Hyundai at the forefront of the connected car market.


Hyundai Motor Company will collaborate with Cisco, a company that is a worldwide leader in networking equipment and IT to establish a connected car platform for Hyundai that is industry…

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Hyundai is Getting Even More Eco-Friendly!

If you are in the market for an eco-friendly vehicle, stop by Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek to test drive one of the green vehicles that have already been released. Kia and Hyundai plan to release 26 eco-friendly models by 2020, so consumers will have several types and models to choose from. These models include plug-in hybrids, gas hybrids and electric vehicles.

The Hyundai Sonata plug-in hybrid is already on sale and several others will be available by the end of the year, including the Hyundai Ioniq and it's three different version. Hyundai and Kia plan on selling about 300…

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The 2017 Hyundai IONIQ: Preview

While the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq is not yet available Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek and other dealerships, it is expected to be released sometime this year. The Ioniq is a family of green cars; and the all-electric model was debuted at recent auto shows in early 2016.


The Ioniq features the electric version which is expected to have a range of over 100 miles; the plug-in hybrid and a regular hybrid. According to, Hyundai said that the Ioniq is the first green-focused vehicle to feature three different electric drivetrains on one platform.

The Electric Version

The electric version…

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The Hydrogen-Powered Hyundai Tucson Technically Just Set A Land Speed Record

While the hydrogen-powered Tucson is not yet available at Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek, it will be when the infrastructure is built in states other than California. This model just set a land speed record for the fastest hydrogen-powered SUV. Though it's not fast by the gas engine's standards, it's the fastest hydrogen-powered SUV out there.

Another difference you'll notice if you watch the video floating around the Internet is that you don't hear the loud engine noise you hear from gas-powered engines. The Tucson is completely quiet. You do see the cloud of dust it…

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The 2015 Sonata Named the Most Affordable Midsize Sedan by

When you visit Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek to test drive a Hyundai and price is the first thing on your list, don't go by the sticker price only. When you do your research you may find that something that has a bit higher price could cost you less in the long run. And, a vehicle with the best gas mileage isn't always the option that costs you less, either. calculated the most affordable midsize sedans that include a power driver's seat, an automatic transmission, Bluetooth, a backup camera and at least one USB port. Many…

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Get the Facts About Hyundai BlueLink

When you stop by Superior Hyundai of Beavercreek to test drive your next model, it may just have Hyundai BlueLink, which comes on most new Hyundai models. BlueLink is a car care and safety package; and it is offered free for a year in most cases.

BlueLink has many features include automatic collision notification; your vehicle automatically calls for help when you get in a crash. SOS emergency assistance brings you help 24/7/365 at the push of a button. The service link portion of BlueLink allows you to schedule a car care appointment with your dealership right from…

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